ahahaha my poor gluten intolerant guy.. atleast he supports my non-neccessary gluten free diet.

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you know..

i should learn when to keep my thoughts as thoughts.
luckily, i have someone who loves me no matter how rediculous my brain gets..
even through the frustration of it all.

one of the best movies ever.

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Guess Leo missed the boat on that one

If only he’d missed the other boat. 




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Apologies in advance.

So it’s been a week and five days since Jill and I got to San Diego. The time has gone by fast and we’re having fun. Amidst all the moving, exploring, and trying to re-hang every piece of clothing we own, there is still this sadness. Pat is still up in the Seattle area and I miss him so much. It’s hard to be rational and not feel the same fear that haunted the majority of 2011, the last time we were long distance. Given the obvious differences, living together and an engagement, it’s still a hard feeling to shake. The worrying, paranoia, being afraid that he doesn’t miss me, or that he’s currently realizing how easy it is to live without me. Most times I can keep these thoughts at bay, because HE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM.. but nights like tonight, when I’m laying I’m bed alone, my mind starts to wonder. I know I only feel this way because 2011 was so shitty and it’s not fair to hold onto, but hey, you know me. Anyway. It’s nothing a little Adam Sandler therapy can’t fix. We just got off the phone, he was falling asleep to me talk, something I’ve always loved. We talked about our day; Jill and I played basketball for two hours then headed straight to the hot tub. We might be in San Diego, but the pool still feels like frostbite. After lunch we put our handy skills to work and assembled her Ikea bed frame.. only took 2hrs. Have I mentioned that Ikea sucks? Pat spent most of his day on the ship, where he spends most of his days now. There’s alot going on there, but he still messages me throughout the day. Around 5 he calls, still has work to do, doesn’t know he’ll be able to leave, he loves me. A few hours go by, it’s 8 and me and Jill are watching Fringe.. “I’m free!” my phone goes off. Finally he gets to leave the ship and he’s driving back to a friends for the night. Him and Wolfe stop at Taco Time where Pat gets some gluten free chicken rice bowl. The get back to the apartment and start watching Lost. Jill and I finish up her bed and I put on the Simpsons while she continues to unpack her life. Three episodes later and she’s crashing, Pat is finishing up his episode of Lost, and I take Big Daddy and the laptop into the bedroom. He calls.. this is the conversation, along with plenty of ‘I miss you’s and ‘I love you’s, even some detailed ‘I wish you were here’s. It’s 10:30 and he’s passing out, so I let him go to sleep.
Everyday we talk and discuss our day, like above. Everyday he loves me and misses me. Everyday I love him and miss him. Throughout the process of writing this entry I’ve gone from sad to lucky, because I can see.. I am lucky. These are going to be a rough few months, but when he and his ship leaves for San Diego, it’ll be better than any holiday. In the meantime I will get a job, get in shape, and plan our wedding!
I don’t know who would read all of this, but if you did, thank you I guess. And if you know me than well, none of this surprises you.. and if you don’t, then you’re probably catching on that I’m crazy. Haha.
I think it’s time for me to go to sleep. Big Daddy is about halfway through and I haven’t paid any attention.
The best ones are worth waiting for.
I love you, Patrick.
Goodnight, Tumblr.. this is your tmi for the night.


uigykhgkv. blah.

how fangirls communicate

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